Meet Your Spring Family Orthodontist

Spring Family Orthodontist

Dr. Brandi Lewis has been passionate about making people smile since she was 16. Her passion emerged in high school, leading her to take a vocational course in dental assisting, beginning her career.


Today, Dr. Lewis is excited to create smiles throughout the Spring community. She loves what she does, but more than that, Dr. Lewis loves changing people’s lives by helping them achieve a smile they’re proud to show off.

Dr. Lewis goes out of her way to ensure that every patient she meets feels cared for, heard, and valued. She has experience working with the latest technology, including clear aligners, digital models, paperless charting, the latest appliances, digital radiography, and soft tissue laser therapy.

Comprehensive Family Orthodontic Care in Spring

Welcome to Brightside Braces, where we pride ourselves on providing exceptional orthodontic care for every member of the family. Our team of seasoned orthodontists is trained to offer a range of treatments suitable for children, teens, and adults alike.

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Laying the Foundation

Orthodontics for Children

Parents, we understand that the thought of orthodontic treatment for your little ones can be daunting. However, early intervention can be a proactive step to avoid more complex treatments later on. Starting orthodontic evaluations by age 7 allows us to catch potential issues early and plan accordingly, making the process smoother and often less expensive in the long run. Trust us to make your child's orthodontic experience as seamless and comfortable as possible.

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Balancing Act

Orthodontics for Teens

We know that your teenager's life is a whirlwind of school, sports, socializing, and more. That's why at Brightside Braces, we offer a range of treatment options that can seamlessly integrate into your teen's busy lifestyle. Whether it's traditional braces or more discreet options like clear aligners, we provide the flexibility your teen needs to carry on with their active life without a hitch.

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It's Your Turn

Orthodontics for Adults

If you've been putting off getting the smile you deserve, there's no time like the present. Nearly 20% of all orthodontic patients today are adults, and it's never too late to improve your smile. At Brightside Braces, we offer a variety of discreet treatment options that can fit into your professional and social life, making it easier than ever to take that step toward a more confident you.

Take the First Step Today

There's a suitable treatment option for every member of your family at Brightside Braces. Don't hesitate; take the first step toward a lifetime of beautiful smiles by scheduling a free consultation with us today.