Understanding The Differences Between an Orthodontist and a Dentist

Catching the differences

Ever pondered the nuances between a dentist and an orthodontist? Both are guardians of your oral health, but discerning their unique roles is vital. At Brightside Braces, we will illuminate the disparities between these professions to underscore their distinct purposes and importance.

Can my dentist also be my orthodontist?

The answer, simply put, is no. While your dentist might offer orthodontic services like braces or aligners, this doesn’t qualify them as orthodontists. Dr. Lewis, our esteemed orthodontist, embarked on additional education post-dentistry schooling to specialize exclusively in orthodontics, distinguishing her expertise in the field.

Orthodontics vs. Dentistry

Think of it this way: orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists. While some dental offices may offer specialty services, such as tooth extraction, without specialized training, orthodontists undergo rigorous, specialized education focusing on teeth and jaw alignment, delving into dentofacial orthopedics for a comprehensive understanding of facial development.

Responsibilities of your Orthodontist

As specialists, orthodontists like Dr. Lewis excel in jaw and teeth alignment, ensuring not just a beautiful smile but also optimal functionality. At Brightside Braces, meticulous attention to detail defines our approach, ensuring each treatment is tailored to your individual needs, prioritizing your health and comfort throughout.

Responsibilities of your Dentist

General dentists oversee the overall health of your mouth, addressing concerns like fillings, extractions, and oral abnormalities. While proficient, some cases necessitate additional training, like dentofacial orthodontics, requiring extensive knowledge beyond standard dental schooling.

Understanding The Differences Between an Orthodontist and a Dentist


For the ultimate smile and oral health, consulting both a dentist and an orthodontist is paramount. Dr. Brandi Lewis and our team at Brightside Braces stand ready to provide unparalleled care, blending expertise, and compassion to ensure you achieve your best smile yet. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our practice! Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Lewis today!



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